I think I’d Like That

I’d rather be a tree,

This way I’d not be everyone’s focus,

Probably the animals,

Would be the only ones to give me any notice.


I’d rather be a dog,

This way I could laze around all day,

My biggest worry being,

If I’m in anybody’s way.


I’d rather be a dollar bill,

This way I’d travel ’round the world for free,

Going from this wallet to that hand,

I’d see it all from sea to sea.


I’d rather be a horse,

This way I could use my hooves,

To beat up my enemies,

And no one would disapprove.


I’d rather be a sea shell,

This way I could live on the beach,

Without the beach house mortgage,

Yes that would make life just peachy.


I’d rather be a parrot,

This way I could yak all day,

And people would laugh not be offended,

By the truths I’d say.


I’d rather be a Christmas wreath,

This way I could go in hiding almost all year,

Rather than deal with people,

Not as rosy as they appear.


I’d rather be a dairy cow,

This way I’d have no responsibility,

Except for giving you cream and butter,

With a mood of docility.


I’d rather be a television,

This way I could portray the bad news,

But since it would not affect me,

I’d not have cause to worry or feel blue.


I’d rather be a tiger,

This way I could be so scary,

No one would dare laugh,

Just because I prefer a life this solitary.


I’d rather be a book,

This way every day would be relaxing,

I’d just sit in a little nook,

Instead of doing things that prove taxing.


I’d rather be a flower,

This way I could be pretty always,

No more taking time for makeup,

And covering up greys.




No one’s wholly happy,

With who or what they are,

If we all were,

No one would get far,

It’s not complaining,

It’s knowing damn well what you’re worth,

Don’t just take what you’re given and smile,

If all you ever have,

Is the hand you’re dealt,

You may as well keel over,

And become just more dust for the Earth.



Mid-December 2018: A Short Summary

Merry Christmas my ass,

There’s nothing holly-jolly here,

It’s a fact I wish,

I could just disappear.


Christmas parties just bring problems,

Not worth it to conquer,

At first they’re bright and merry,

Then out come the monsters,

Some hide within themselves.


Kill me now,

Why don’t you?

It would be better than dealing,

With the after-effects of this evening.


The food was fine,

As was my whiskey,

And probably your wine,

But then the complications come,

Proving that many are just dumb.


I’d rather just go home,


I should have come alone,

By myself it could be nice,

No one would be close enough to me then,

To start an undesired fight.


Some things cannot be fixed,

Things said,

I know were not misread,

And now,

My “friend”,

I wish I could hit your face,

With a ton of bricks,

Just remember the things done,

Are eventually gonna,

Make me run.



The Finer Things In Life

Whiskey and rum,

Made for having fun,

And getting frisky,

A magic potion,

To give you courage,

When normally you can’t budge,

Also a substance,

To help you relax,

When it’s time to kick back.


Lazy days,

With naught to do,

Other than feel the sun’s rays,

Settle in with a good book,

Your mind will sprout wings,

And allow you to overlook,

Shitty everyday happenings.


Morning coffee,

To grant you energy,

For dealing with crazies,

How it works is a fascination,

Let’s just call it,

A legal addiction.


Puppies and ponies,

So full of unconditional love,

When given the chance,

They’ll stick to you like a glove,

Much better are they,

Than our fellow beings,

Who are often phonies.



We are taught that it’s,

A bad thing to love it,

It is exchanged though,

For everything one needs and wants,

From lavish vacations,

To your breakfast croissants,

So see without it,

Life could not amount to shit.


Comfort foods,

It depends on the individual,

As to what they are,

But sometimes they are critical,

To float you past a bad time,

They’re like a miracle.


Cardio and weights,

Doing those,

Should not be a debate,

It’s great to make,

Your body hott,

All the while,

Unraveling your mind’s knots.


I’m sure you know,

This world is shot,

Try not to get caught,

Without the time,

For the activities you find divine.



Run Along Now

It’s time to let it go,

Turn the lights out on that shit,

And just get over it.


Hopefully you’ve learned a lesson,

But now you need to,

Get to steppin’.


Better things await,

Beyond the next gate,

This was never meant to be your fate.


It seemed meant to be,

At the time,

But already this thing,

Has passed its prime.


There’s a whole world out there,

It’s time to see beyond,

This doomed affair.


Something new,

In its own time,

Will find its way to you.


The beyond right now seems scary,

But this toxic situation,

Is saddling you with burdens,

You should not have to carry.


Just leave,

Go about your business,

There’s nothing here to grieve.


There will be fun,

After you’ve found,

The courage to run,

You will see,

Times bright as the sun.


Your true destination,

Will not leave you bumped and bruised,

Not even figuratively,

You are not meant to be abused.


Until you are satisfied,

It’s not the end of the line,

It’s only a stepping stone,

Do not let yourself,

Be confined.



An Outsider’s Jingle


Seemingly always hated,

But never be a mirror image,

Of anyone but yourself.



By a feeling,

Of never being truly wanted,

Will keep your brain a-reeling.


Take a break,

A break from life,

For awhile,

Leave the world behind,

Learn again to smile,

Go re-find your mind.


As said by Cinderella,

We all need some sort of shelter,

Figure out what could be yours,

Go, go far away,

Get to doing it,

Leave behind this world,

That’s trying to make you,

From yourself stray.


Don’t come back,

‘Til you’re back on track,

‘Til all your problems,

Have been sacked,

And you’re safe,

From going Snap.


You’ll be recharged,

But still,

Don’t be expecting miracles,


Don’t dilute your personality,

Just for others who are critical,

And insist on causing for you,

Troubles by the barrelful.


You are R-rated,

Seemingly always hated,


Because you feel never really wanted,

But don’t let these assholes make you feel daunted,

Be yourself,

Yes fucking flaunt it.







It started out just fine,

But it takes just one motherfucker,

Crossing just one line,

I roll my eyes,

And happen to look up at the sky.


Oh my!

Look what’s rolling in,

Out there on the horizon,

I wish,

For once,

To be the clouds,

Instead of the one they shroud.



You may as well stay,

Your presence,

Mirrors my mood today.


Are you laughing,

As you rain on my parade?

Do you find it funny,

To fill my day with gloom,

Making sure that in my life,

No flowers are able to bloom?


You are welcome,

To bring with you a storm,

Just kindly make it strong,

Strong enough for the winds and waters,

To wash gone,

All that’s wrong.



I see you’re forecast to stick around,

I hope that’s not also the prediction,

For my current vexation.



Instead of being a mirror,

It would be more satisfactory,

For you to be a wall,

That I could hide behind,

Until my way is clearer.


They say too much sun can burn you,

Maybe that’s the silver lining here,

Good things can have their own ill effects,

But when the sun’s shining so bright,

Bringing all that cheer,

It’s easy to get blinded,

Then once the downside hits,

Which rest assured it surely will,

Life will start to go downhill,

And there you are,

Life’s no more the Ritz.



You make me have a thicker skin,

You make me tough as nails,

So keep it coming assholes,

This bitch will prevail!


What the fuck?

What did you do that for?

Be sure not to come,

Around me no more.


What the fuck?

What did you do that for?

That one is such,

A fucking whore.


What the fuck?

What did you do that for?

Turn around and head,

Back out that door.


What the fuck?

What did you do that for?

Go lose yourself,

Down by the seashore.


What the fuck?

What did you do that for?

You just caused me,

An additional chore.


What the fuck?

What did you do that for?

Keep it up,

And you’ll go poor.


What the fuck?

What did you do that for?

You should know,

All that’s only folklore.


What the fuck?

What did you do that for?

There was lots more there,

Than just a core.


What the fuck?

What did you do that for?

That one’s full,

Of blood and gore.


What the fuck?

What did you do that for?

Tomorrow you’ll be,

Fucking sore.


What the fuck?

What did you do that for?

Now all night,

I’ll hear you snore.


What the fuck?

What did you do that for?

She can’t even cook,

She uses Knorr.


What the fuck?

What did you do that for?

Now there’ll be,

A huge uproar.


What the fuck?

What did you do that for?

I fucking said,

I needed four.


What the fuck?

What did you do that for?

Not everyone enjoys,

Halloween and Horror.


What the fuck?

What did you do that for?

Get your ass ,

Back to the store.


What the fuck?

What did you do that for?

No I don’t want them here,

They’re a bore.


What the fuck?

What did you do that for?

They’re nasty when,

You don’t free-pour.


What the fuck?

What did you do that for?

I’d say it’s time,

I even the score.


What the fuck?

What did you do that for?

Go hide that shit,

Inside a drawer.


What the fuck?

What did you do that for?

I said hind,

Not fore.


What the fuck?

What did you do that for?

That’s just ugly,

What you wore.


What the fuck?

What did you do that for?

I ought to hit you,

With an oar.